Your Top Priority if you are a lightworker

“The priority of the lightworkers on the planet during the split is To express their true frequency on this physical Universe and have experiences that reflect that frequency and that is the number one priority for lightworkers on Earth today”

“The reason you are here is to express your true frequency on Earth and have that frequency reflected back to you in the form of experiences, high-frequency experiences on the Physical Universe”

“You are a divine eternal being, extremely high-frequency, you decided to be born during the split on Earth, it was actually going to be a global Ascension, but it was decided to do a split. Your priority is to come into this physical Universe, on Earth, right now, during the Split, and express the divine eternal beingness that you are, that high-frequency nature of your beingness, just express it, and then have and see and experience that expression reflected back to you in the physical Universe.”

“Remind yourself: I am eternal divine being, and I am here to express my true frequency to facilitate this split, to facilitate the expression of that frequency on Earth and to experience it myself and suddently the other stuff is less important.”

The full podcast episode is here:

In the episode we explore further:

  • priorities are transient
  • you can say your priority is this or that but do your actions demonstrate it?
  • how your priorities can be manipulated
  • why is important to look and your “why”
  • automatic priorities – the ones you don’t even think about 

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