WalkWithMeNow – September 2023 – Call Recording

Here are some notes from the call:

  • looking at enlightenment coming up
  • invitation to retake the Enlightenment class
    • listen for 5 minutes, and take notes, if you can’t relisten, make sure your notes are accurate
  • It’s time to put up your big boy or big girl pants (or underwear)
    • you can’t poop your pants no mo’
  • Enlightenment – our true nature correctly perceived
  • Using Craig’s list to get free stuff
  • Talking about the EGO
  • Talking about ETs, UAPs, Spaceship, Disclosure, giving our power away
  • Story with Inelia going to the school for gifted kids
  • Story with going to court and some observations
  • Story with going at the DWM and not finding a line and getting some paperwork around the house done in a very easy way
  • Card for the month: The White Hart – Enlightenment

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