WalkWithMeNow – Recording of October 2022 – Call

Some call notes:

Lots of victim-aggressor stuff.

Sensitive info but we have the tools to deal with it.

Remember: NOTHING can happen without our agreement.

October: an amplification of FEAR and invitation to FEAR.

5G and Haarp.

People are the biggest tech. (I forget why this was important LOL)

Lone wolf is being activated.

Fear is targetted at our physical bodies. We guide our physical bodies through the fear processing exercise. If the fear is artificial it will not dissolve, but the exercise will help so we are not affected by it.

Do the 5 Minutes relaxation exercise.

The SPLIT there is a push pull between let’s get it over with already and let’s be gentle about it.

2 Million allies will include the people who chose the light but also who chose the light dark paradigm.

The light/dark paradigm has LIGHT in it. And it is basically what we’ve had so far.

Our job: Embody our true selves.

Do the Enlightenment Class – that class is a TOOL IN ITSELF

Remember: these are not tools for survival these are tools for thriving (note to self: when stuck in survival the tools to use are fear processing and firewall processing)

Story with Philip (Inelia’s son) and his choices to play the small human game, but potential to chance his mind and play the big game.

“Power without connection is useless” – Eg. What point is to creating a Universe if you can’t brag about it to anyone? And once you invite your friends over they will of course want to change it, maybe add trees into it (Kind of reminds me of Second life).


“We are able to create through intent alone” – and some chat about what this means – like creating soup by staring at the stove!

DO THE HOMEWORK – connect with an honor your ancestors – there is a SPECIFIC text to read and instructions to follow.

“Every light being things they choose the light” (even if they chose the light dark paradigm). Ha!

Story with Gaia and Rain and the Shamanshak.

Talk about jabben and unjabbed and free will.

SL Groups.

November – more escallation of fear – but since we know that we can address it. It is not for us.

Being uncomfortable does not mean fear (not sure why I wrote this down…)

Positive things to look for in November: fund raising for the ShSh and hill house, high-frequency item auction, power object is being launched and power objects are being made available.

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