WalkWithMeNow – November 2022 Call

Moving into more resonant timelines.

Live it! Every day. (the high-frequency state)

Days of from the screens, including TV.

Rules of Engagement – we will expand on them in the next months.

Discussion about power – Catherine Austin Fitts – Discussion about the 10 minutes of this video.

– The 3rd rail in the Subway – the one that provides power (relates to the video above)

– A narrative of compliance

The story of the elephant being tried down with a flimsy rope to a tiny stick

2M subscribers –> getting to 2.5B

The story of the GAC and the elementals and how they are organized. A hierarchy based on response-ability.


Keep your energy clean and clear.

Time to realize the rope is flimsy and the stick is small. Process away our limitations.

There are multiple ways to get to power.

Reference to the Limitations – why do we create them class.

The story / teaching with building a fence around Ashley’s house for the puppies.

How do we support the physical body elementals? (00:57:00)

There is an exercise with the life span – how long are you comfortable to live?

December – the energy of separation will increase.

There will be a call about looking ahead.

Card for the month – Child of Spells —> time to stop playing as wizards and pick up the book and be wizards.

History of black tea and floride.

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