WalkWithMeNow – Live Call – February 2023

Notes from the call:

  • 7 more years to go until 2030 (that’s when we looked back at ourselves)
  • scheduled things are starting to come through
  • The story with the email from a Nationalist expressing the split and free will but in Christianity terminology
  • It was also mentioned in the email that God is sending us teachers to show us how reality works
  • The story with the painting over the piano that Inelia could not make sense of, until the trip to her grandmother when the landscape she saw there was similar to what the painting was about and she could finally see it. (Reminded me of the magic eye images that look like gibberish until you look at them in the right way) (around 15 minute mark)
  • “You can’t see something that you don’t have an experience of” (not an exact quote!)
  • Exploration of the “free will violation case” – sorry but no cigar! – the information was there.
  • What is new about that is that if you did get jabbed you can change your mind and work your way through a healing story. Before it was a “line in the sand”
  • Discussion about changing your mind, not getting stuck, but still having to face the consequences. Also there is one things to change your mind about a job, and another to change your mind about a jab you just had.
  • Women’s menstrual cycle has nothing to do with the moon. The 28 days number was made up by some company. Also you don’t have to have a “regular” period either. You can stop or start ovulating at will. (There are tribes that still do it)
  • Talk about shooting down ufos
  • Earth as a verb.
  • Is the moon round or floating in empty space?
  • The magnifying glass in a magnifying glass analogy – it makes a regular-looking image look like a tiny planet! ha!
  • How about the satellites orbiting the planet?
  • UFO sightings – people may see them but not say anything about it – Inelia’s story.
  • Pitch black story in the night where you can’t even see your nose – around 1:24:00 mark
  • A filter over the Sun – around 1:27:00 mark
  • The energy of separation comes to an end, you can now look at and decide if you should say or leave from a situation. (in reference to a previous call where we were encourage to delay any such decisions until March)
  • For a healing story the body and the soul need to collaborate – 1:42:00 mark
  • March 4th – Inelia’s Birthday – yay!
  • In March more clarity is coming!
  • Card for March: Keeper of Challenges. — let’s grow up!!

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