WalkWithMeNow – January 2024

All about enlightenment.

Talk about Ascension101 and how it started.

The March 2011 decision to have a split instead of mass ascension.

The path of enlightenment

Iris’s story of becoming a leader on the path to enlightenment.

Raising your frequency and enlightenment are not the same thing.

Not everybody in the new paradigm is going to be enlightened, but they will be high-frequency.

The human collective births individuals that it needs.

Aspects of enlightenment:

– the journey to enlightenment

– being the light

– being in the light

How to slow down time? Meditate! It also gets you out of the fog.

January felt like a very long month.

if you are on a journey to enlightenment (your higher-self choice) it does not matter the practice (<– not sure if this is a correct note)

Contemplation vs Meditation



The card for January: Five of Challenges.

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