WalkWithMeNow – Call Recording – September 2023

Exploring Timelines

  • Review of the past month.
  • Reviewing the class mining timelines – funny comments
    • there is 3 exercises in the class
  • timeline Earth
  • homework
    • choose an exercise
      • really fascinating what people chose to review – human collective guidance
    •  cleansing spell – that was powerful
    • reviewing our daily practice
      • 20min and 2h stepping OUT OF THE FOG
    • when the veil is thin
      • who did it the homework? Let’s do more!
  • Planet of Entry is paused until the NEW book is out
  • talk about the experience of writing books
  • Martha is if we can do a book club around it, we can do it when it’s done
  • healing and healers
  • talk about the timelines
  • Inelia’s original timelines – bringing in a healing pod
  • Rules of Engagement – it’s all there already!
  • Collective card
    • what navigates November well: “The lovers” card – commitment!
  • Personal card: Ash
    • soul mate: Shaolin Master
  • get a randomizer app for next time  

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