WalkWithMeNow – Call Recording – November 2023

Reviewing the summary for November

Clearing some space. Why it works and why it’s important to do.

Talks about coffee.

Get rid of stuff that lowers your energy.

How to deal with “woke people and situations” – step out of I/my/myself. If you choose to play the game, play it consciously.

Communication with the Sasquatch.

Smart meters and hyper sensibility to EMFs.

Switch bluetooh off. Is not good for you.

The Power Objects Workshop. Inelia is going to create some power objects with Shungite.

The SL class will be a pre-requisite for the next class, about healing energies.

The SL world, went through the split already.

The legislation mentioning Borg – was from another podcast, Inelia checked it and it was being contested.

Cards for December:

  • Child of Challenges
  • The Green Mother

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