Walk With Me Now – Recording of Live Call September 30th, 2022

Everything is stepped up a notch. Both the high-frequency side but also the old light-dark paradigm.

As a group, think of actions that support both paradigms in their conscious choices (more explanation about this comes later).

Create open doors to the experiences that we have come here have – or that are consciously choosing to have – note that we are no longer use the word “negativity here”

Reference to the movie “The Fall of the Kabal” and how it ends with a promotion of the victim/aggressor cycle.

THE KEY: Where are you better of spending your time? (spoiler alert: is not on checking out the old paradigm or trying to save people from their choices)

You can enjoy anyone, regardless of their choices as long and the experience is one of high-frequency.

What are OUR plans?

REFERENCE to the important experiment with IMW: A group of high-frequency to gather and join and buy land to anchor the energy of a high-frequency group doing stuff together. (The “as a group” part is the most important – buying land as an individual, we have done that)

“Part of a group” is still not the same as “as the group.”

WalkWithMeNow has changed again, and moved from being passive and waiting for Inelia to do stuff to spontaneously self-organize in all sorts of groups and projects.

We are leaning the way for the planet — it is NOT the little “me” it is US as a group.

The Fear machine is at full-on blast. -> but is not for us!

Use Epsom salts to detox.

Or lookup green coffee enema protocols.

The Hopi prophecy read by Inelia: https://youtu.be/azVWElDsogc

You can eat ice cream as a cure for sore throat. (what?!)

YouTube keeps deleting our calls, so we will upload on a new home.

Take the Enlightenment class (in our library) and if you’ve done it, do it again. Join study groups, or if they are full, create a new one. Just listening to the class while you are doing something else is also good because of the energies that have been placed in that class.

There are ways to support both choices (as a we) without conflict. As an “I” (individual) support your own choice of the high-frequency paradigm.)

This is not “enabling” – watch the recording for clarification. We don’t buy drugs for people to “help the split along!”

There is workshop about implants, here are some resources shared in the text chat:

  • https://walkwithmenow.com/forum/topic/mesid-22168.html
  • https://walkwithmenow.com/forum/mysticism/1375-hunting-implants.html
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzqveDGX7VI

Focus more on group items – even if we fail, that’s OK – it is good practice. Keep at it!

GAIA cards

  • keeper of boons
  • 8 of spells


  • Magick Guardian

If you get a message form an owl is not trivial, pay attention, treat it with respect!

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