Walk With Me Now – Live Call – Jun 2023

We start the two months of manifestation!

We will support each other!

Share your list with the group – it becomes very powerful when you share it with your allies.

We individually are the authors of our lives, we are the authorities. We individually choose what is important and what isn’t.

Gaia wants to be quite verbal.

Let’s continue with the vinegar. Use your allies.

The empty forest – answer from Gaia – giant waves crashing into the shore – if the person is deaf, can they hear the waves? – giant elk bull

Neah Bay story: food box, free phone, computers, ultra 5g,

We have the tools to detox: detox, Chaga, chelation, edta cream

Public prayers are being banned in Ireland.

Embody the new paradigm today! Don’t wait for three generations or until 2030.

The Paris event – this is it!

It is not “disengage” but instead “engage at a high-frequency” level!

This card is from GAIA –

  • July for WWMN members!
    • Weaver of visions
    • 8th of Visions – awaken of illusions – a warning card!
  • WWMN – Best supportive and supported. Best inspiring and inspired.

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