Walk With Me Now – Live Call – January 2023

Call Notes

  • there is a reason why we did the class on Possesions and Kingons right now
  • for those who have done their homework January has been the happiest month
  • some klingons stay stuck because they tap into the program: “You are more powerful with me” or “You are taught be kind so you can’t just throw me away”
  • When processing and we ask: is this mine, is this the soul’s the body’s, someone else’s we need to add is this part of the artificial negativet thing. But don’t fall into victim aggressor.
  • the ET equation
  • Manipulation of history – we will talk about in the coming weeks
  • Base your decision on inspiration and high-frequency
  • Aqua cure will reverse brain damage
  • take a basic course in something that you are not good at or have no interest in to stretch your brain
  • 2030 is the year that we looked back at us
  • talk about the planetary council – there is an argument being made that there may have been a violation of free will because of the ammount of trickery that has been used
  • @Lee to start a discussion on the forum with this idea
  • Card: 9 of boons : focus on your house and the magical aspect of life
  • Focus on our ALLIES

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