Walk With Me Now – Live Call – August 2023

Notes from the call:

  • doing lip service to our manifestation items but without doing the work
  • what we really want is always prioritized
  • sometimes we say we want 1 trillion dollars but we don’t do the action steps to bring that about within the current rules of engagement
  • the Makah days event presentation – how to become more visible? what did we learn?
  • the people on WWMN are very interesting people, highly able and leaders in their field
  • we (the team behind IneliaBenz.com, WWMN and iBenzAcademy) have an agreement of being shadowbbaned
  • we will test to see what happens when we have a booth at a fairy event
  • Second Life – bulding a city, but is mostly empty, a HF newspaper
  • Going Analog – the people who did stop by our booth did not know what a podcast was, or a QR
  • look at the data for these manifestation months – even if your items is not manifested still look at what you have learned
  • next time we will sell hot dogs at the Makah days! – but wrap them in quotes!
  • the light poeople are still surrounded by light/dark people so we can use the light dark people to get to them (there was a comment that this was not expressed exactly like this)
  • how do we sabotage ourselves?
  • the wounded healer
  • healing from cancer – stories and protocol
  • a question of trust in the New Paradigm
  • Competition in the new Paradigm
  • Discussing Robert Kenedy Jr. : light worker trap and he is evil
  • Cards for September: 8 of boons and seeker of spells

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