Walk With Me Now – April 2023

Relax and sleep issues.

More information coming out on how to counteract the tech that keeps us asleep: effects of shedding

It takes a lot of work to stay low frequency: drugs, alcohol, TV stuff, harmful to the body foods, nanobots

“A personalities” – getting more comfortable being themselves, and the communication and energy is different

Wwmn breaks all the paradigms!

There are no two bosses at the hill house; there is only one boss!

Faries with a two months schedule.

One of the energies for this month in some of the groups is schedule and structure

Vitamin C and Aqua Cure and Chaga and EDTA cream detox the heavy metals (there is a whole protocol around it!!) – there is a photo ar around 38-minute mark

Supporting our bodies

Qquestions about a sasquatch not accepting a soul

How to undo the baptism ritual?

Card For May: Guidance for us to focus on for Mar as WWMN.

  • two cards:
  • two of boons – not take on more than you can balance – pay attention – don’t bite more than you can chew
  • weaver of spell – focus your creative powers don’t thwart it

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