The importance of being bored

Why the use of screens and being constantly entertained make it difficult for us to get into an altered state.

Segment from Driving to the Rez – Episode 196 – Psychonautics

Topics in this episode:

  • The truth about using plants to expand your awareness
  • Inelia’s personal experience with Ayahuasca and mushrooms
  • School and daydreaming
  • About a very prolific inventor and how his inventions came about
  • Larry’s LSD experience and what he learned from it
  • A sure sign that you have been traveling into the Astral Plane
  • Processing your fears even in the dream state
  • Academia and daydreaming: Dr. Kara’s experience
  • Fred’s study of Carlos Castaneda
  • The Gaia meditation – by Inelia Benz
  • I, me and myself and… We, us ourselves

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