Riding the Waves of Beginnings – Driving to the Rez – Episode 187 – Part One

This podcast explores other ways to prepare for a new year.

Topics we cover:

  • How to be street smart with new years resolutions
  • Why it’s important to make a new years resolution
  • Why its important to temper righteousness
  • Cracking the matrix as light workers
  • Hang onto the love
  • How to counteract negativity towards your manifestations
  • What you give lip service to vs, what your life actually is
  • Some of our biggest blocks are “clauses”
  • Read “The Artist’s Way” if you’re creative or an artist
  • Usually the biggest counter-manifestation are your own programs
  • Creating a mirror bubble
  • Giving our power away to others
  • Two case studies for public new years resolutions
  • What does “success” mean and in what context?
  • “I at least double the amount of time I spend in the light in 2024.”

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