Religion and Aliens – Driving to the Rez – Episode 189 – Full Episode

In the Looking at 2024 call we talked about “bookmarks” and one of them will be Religion connected to Aliens.

Topics we cover:

  • The search for the religious experience
  • How the ETs and Religion will be linked in the media
  • Why UFOs are now called UAPs
  • The power of familiarity
  • Our job
  • “Let’s bring the black helicopters” game
  • The CIA modus operandi
  • Aliens – our genetic cousins residing outside of our regular perception?
  • ETs might be portrayed as angels or demons
  • Narratives to control our perception


Looking at 2024 call

Books that were mentioned:

You’re Stepping on My Cloak and Dagger


The Ecstatic Journey

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