Recording of WWMN call July 2023

Vinegar – do it again – don’t let it slip – they are waiting for us to forget!

Ufo – disclosure – agenda was delivered and who delivered it to

  • a threat to national security
  • don’t bite into the fear and the narrative

The Paris event – continues – a lot of colors – people almost celebrating – a lot of different people united around something indicating that the fear porn was not working any more around the covid stuff

Do your job – enjoy life, have experiences having the hf reflected back to you.

Sat Sang – modern meaning – sit with a group with HF individuals and discuss and expand our awareness together.

I, me and myself – people thinking about themselves all the time or thinking about what other people are thinking about them.

Example of going to the store and imagining that all the people from WWMN are there.

Experience with a person that passed over that was DIFFERENT from all the others that Inelia has had. Powerful of alchohol and chemical odor. Died from addiction. And the person could not speak. Inelia figued out that this person had been jabbed. This person used to be the birghtest light as a kid.

More difficult to be around people who chose the LIGHT/DARK paradigm.

Seeding and creating stuff in SL – it is MUCH easier to participate there than the RL (for now)

Questions about raising the levels of the water or temperature raising.

Reconnecting / connecting with L/D people but only at at light level.

Why would anyone choose the L/D paradigm?

Discussing the UAP, WorldCoin thing.

Electric cars talk.

The cards for this month:

  • Weaver of Spells
  • Two of Boons

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