Private – Enlightenment – Part 2

How do we get there?

  • Why do you want it right now? (it is part an parcel of embodying the light paradigm – you cannot do it from a level of disconnect)
  • What do I do with it once I have it?
    • you are requested to do stuff with this state, but you decide what that is
      • you are here embodied to do, to affect the physical Universe
    • check your list that is not stuck in the victim, savior or agressor cycle
  • We have
    • clarity
    • certainty
    • allowance
    • knowing
    • awareness of the larger orchestrations
    • recognition
    • resonance with hf band of reality
    • understanding
    • absence of worry and fear and stress
  • Larry to express his experience of Enlightenment
    • one of the tools is to explore journey stories
  • Stacking positives
  • The state of enlightenment is unlimited – remove any limits you may have around being enlightened
  • What is Enlightnemenet: it is merely our own nature correctly perceived.
  • Get good at Truthing things – with the truthing class.
  • The state of pink.
    • being the pink vs playing in the pink
  • If you have to ask… then you’re not!

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