Private – Enlightenment – Part 1

Summary of part one

  • Class Structure
  • Definitions of the words: Enlightenment – modern society
  • Pitfalls and traps to watch out for in your Enlightenment Journey
  • The ecstatic states and their relationships to Enlightenment – one of the points where you can get hijacked
  • Enlightenment is really, really attractive to seekers
  • Modern society – “you need to keep your day job” – it’s not about going to live into a cave
  • the deep illusion of separation / the fog
  • we placed here all the distractions and confusion around Enlightenment, to keep the light/dark paradigm in place.
  • The misconceptions:
    • permanency
    • spiritual practices are the only way to do it
    • it can only be achieved by long hard work
    • you need a guru, a god, an angel to give you that thing
    • there is only one way to do it
    • everyone who becomes enlightened is a lightworker and will not deceive or exploit others
    • there are levels and a hierarchy of worthiness to enter into the Enlightenment
    • Once you become Enlightened you instantly become a good person
  • Enlightenment can last from milliseconds to days, months, or even years.
  • Ecstatic experiences are not necessarily the same as enlightenment experiences.
  • The very important ability to trust yourself and truth things.
  • If anyone tells you that “this is the only way”… then it’s not. Just don’t go there.
  • Enlightenment and hierarchy is a contradiction in terms: You are either enlightened or you’re not.
  • Larger consequences of the Enlightenment experience:
    • the ecstatic experience
    • free from ignorance – expansion of awareness
    • connection to all that is, becoming all that is
  • This recording is by itself a tool for enlightenment
  • Words of warning:
    • Who gives you the experience is often a crack dealer
    • Allowance: there is a negative allowance and a positive allowance
    • Seekers seeking something outside of yourself, that is giving your power away
    • The path trap vs the destination
    • Drug-induced enlightenment experiences
    • Desperation
    • If you enter this path through a victim mentality you will get predators who will gladly help you!
    • You do not need to delete your present life in order to have this experience.
    • Demon possession – they like to hang out in the “spiritual tourism places” where people go to ask for a bliss experience from something outside of themselves..
  • Abusers disconnect you from your family and your friends and from your support network.
    • Enlightenment is all about connection, connection, connection

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