Our abilities and the Paradigm of Choice

Is there a link between higher abilities and choosing the Light Paradigm?

Other topics we covered:

Topics we cover:

  • Humans as Creators of the Universe
  • How and why we disabled ourselves in the Dark/Light Paradigm
  • What is the difference between bringing Reality in and building things
  • Dark beings have trouble coming into incarnate in this Universe
  • Dark/Light Paradigm agreements, changing the “they are doing it” to “we are doing this to ourselves”
  • We have limitations to engage in this Universe but especially so in the Dark/Light Paradigm
  • Having more awareness does not equate to being more powerful or able
  • Our “extra-sensory” capacities and skills are not related to enlightenment
  • Removing limitations of awareness will take us into the Light Paradigm
  • What humans can do that the Anunnaki can’t
  • Endarkenment
  • Dropping the weight and pressure – interpreted as enlightenment

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