It’s OK and Good to Question Everything

Segment from the Live WalkWithMeNow call from March 2023

More topics from this call:

  • The Paris Event – This is it! – we will see different things in different news outlets. The reason behind the protest is not that important.
  • You don’t do this alone. The power of the group.
  • Healing Stories.
  • Machi / Mapuche stories.
  • Passing on of healing abilities through a ceremony – “the blue fingertips”
  • Definition of the Light Paradigm vs Light Dark Paradigm – hint: it does not matter what we eat
  • Prayer is kind of not a healthy thing to do – and in some cases you might actually do black magic.
  • Talk about mental illness – a broad subject – the brain as a transmitter / receiver and psychic people being misdiagnosed with a mental illness.

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