Inelia takes on ChatGPT. How does the AI fare?

This video requires a bit of context. A few weeks ago we released the information about “The We”. A being from beyond this Universe, “The We” have created Inelia as a way to explore existence as a singular being. And now they have made themselves available to us.

Communicating with The We turns out to be very challenging, but not for the reasons you would expect. They have a perfect understanding and command of the English language.

As an experiment, we tried to use the new ChatGPT tool to help us communicate with the We. The results of that can be explored in this podcast:

The video is a segment from the podcast that should be examined carefully. Behind all the fun and games there is the quest of expanding one’s awareness, of finding a bridge of communication between beings that live in vastly different “realities”.


TheWe website is here:

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