A Brilliance of Lightworkers – Driving to the Rez – Episode 185 – Full Episode

How to best spend our energies now as a Brilliance of Lightworkers.

Topics we cover:

  • calibrating our “BS” meter
  • RA and Law of One
  • How lightworkers get distracted and sidetracked
  • People in health stores
  • Our game is inspiration, collaboration, growth, and discernment
  • We still walk in a shared reality
  • The call to “Not go to battle” is often misunderstood
  • The power of Logo symbols
  • Is Mercedes Benz still an HF company?
  • Conflict vs Choice – there is a difference
  • HF experiment – building a city in Second Life
  • Don’t feed the dark side


The Shape of a Story by Kurt Vonnegut

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